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Blackout Audio-Visual Shades

2019 WCMA Product Award winning Oasis Exterior Blackout Shades bring new comfort and control to outdoor media rooms.

Blackout Audio-Visual Shades


Blackout Shades for Outdoor Media and TV Viewing

Oasis Exterior Blackout Shades are a game-changer for outdoor living areas with TV screens, and where people will be working on a laptop or just enjoying social media on a mobile device. Insolroll’s Dusk Exterior Blackout Fabric is made for applications where room darkening is needed and weather can be an issue. Your afternoon outdoor movie party is saved from showers and breezes!

Dusk Exterior Blackout Fabric

  • Weather-resistant
  • Exterior grade opaque fabric blocks light and view
  • Solution-dyed acrylic yarns
  • Waterproof PVC backing
  • Stain-resistant
  • High tensile-strength fibers

Dusk Exterior Blackout

Blackout Fabrics Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Made of solution-dyed acrylic fiber with a PVC back coating, Dusk blackout/privacy fabric is completely waterproof and combines the elegance of an acryic canvas-look fabric with the waterproof performance of PVC on the out-facing surface. Offering complete privacy, dusk's PVC Back coating features Blockout finishing for thermal and visual comfort, as well as maximal protection from the sunlight.

Cadet Grey

Why Outdoor Living Blackout Shades?

Exterior blackout shades allow the most effective room darkening sun blocking available for an exterior shade, controlling glare, decreasing heat, and providing complete privacy. Even blocks golf balls when lowered for homeowners or restaurants along golf courses.

Excellent for:

  • Outdoor media and TV rooms- improves daytime picture quality of any type of screen
  • Added weather protection- Exterior grade Dusk Fabric with waterproof PVC backing provides additional protection from rain showers for both equipment and viewers
  • Blocks light on the outside- don’t bother people inside nearby windows with light from the TV screen at night
  • Provide privacy in viewing areas- zero view-through means you won’t see neighbors passing by, and they won’t see the screen inside
  • Increased viewing comfort- Make your viewing space more comfortable with less glare and less heat
Exterior Sun Shade view from inside home

Solutions for Interiors

Where interior window treatments are not desired, Oasis Exterior Blackout Shades can provide the sun control and privacy you need.

Interior Design with Clean Lines and Untreated Windows

  • Exterior shades with hardware that cannot be seen from the interior
  • Available with solar screen, blackout, translucent, and insect screen fabric options
  • Completely retractable, for sun control only when needed
  • Motorized for easy, reliable operation from inside
  • Oasis 2900 Zipper Shade hardware provides sealed edges, top, and bottom when lowered, for insect protection for windows that open with additional window screens.
  • Zipper tracks keep shade taught for clean, smooth appearance

Heat and Light Control

  • Control heat at too-hot windows
  • Reduce air conditioning needs
  • Keep bedrooms cooler for nighttime sleeping
  • Add nighttime privacy for lit interiors with large windows

Oasis 2900 Retractable Shade System

  • Patented SHYZip fabric retention system seals out insects at shade sides
  • Shade won’t flap around in the breeze
  • Top brush seal keeps insects out at the roller
  • Compressible seal keeps insects out at bottom of shade
  • Fully enclosed aluminum head box protects fabric and roller components
  • Built-in pocket options for new construction
  • Custom sizes to 19 feet wide
Oasis 2900 restaurant patio bar

Other Applications

Versatile Oasis 2900 shades are designed to provide functionality in a number of varied applications.

  • Patio shades for covered patios, decks, and pergolas
  • Exterior window shades
  • Garage door openings
  • Restaurant overhead doors to allow open-air dining without insects
  • Patio Enclosures

solar patio shades for restaurant



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