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Oasis® 2600 Patio Shades

Patio sun shades block heat & glare while maintaining the view

Oasis 2600 Patio Shade Brown outside viewPatio Shades provide daytime privacy. Bright sun and excessive heat can make patio and deck uncomfortable when the sun starts to set. This is also the time you are likely to be grilling dinner and entertaining. Lower our sun shade when you need it and roll it up when you don’t.

Attach the bungee cords for protection from the wind and errant golf balls. Enjoy your summer evening and make your family and guests comfortable.

What makes our patio sun shades better?

Oasis® 2600 Patio Sun Shade on deck, balcony outside viewCustom sized for a perfect fit and a perfect view on this condo balcony

  • Custom Sizes to 120″ Wide
  • Broad Fabric Selection
  • Commercial Grade Clutch with exclusive Metal Select Child-safe tension device
  • Bungee cord system
  • Stainless steel locking idler
  • Welded fabric edges and hem pocket to prevent fabric fraying or tearing

Oasis 2600 SunShades offer daytime privacy

Oasis 2600 Patio Sun Shades block the sun, not the view! Our unique PVC-coated solar screen fabrics block up to 97% of the heat without creating a closed-in feeling.  Oasis® 2600 Patio Sun Shades block the sun’s glare, provide day-time privacy and an outward view.

Unlike ready-made shades, they are custom-sized to fit your patio. Large areas can be covered by multiple shades. Our bungee cord system is ideal for attaching shades to a railing or deck without the need for a cable or post in the middle of the opening.

Oasis 2600 Sun Shade Fabric Collection

Solar Screen Fabrics for Sun Control and View-through

Insolroll offers a large selection of fabric colors, styles and textures to meet every sun shade application. For outdoor durability, all of our Oasis fabrics utilize a PVC-coated fiberglass or polyester mesh ranging in openness from 3% to 48%.

Fabric color and openness (or density) determine the amount of glare reduction and heat reduction, for example a light colored fabric is more effective at heat reduction, while a dark colored fabric is more effective at glare reduction and affords the best view-through. Most fabrics are tested by their manufacturers to determine their effectiveness at glare and heat reduction, and this data is helpful in choosing the fabric that best addresses your needs.

Translucent Fabrics for Sun Protection and Privacy

Translucent fabrics offer sun protection with enhanced privacy. Whether your deck or patio is close to neighbors or passers-by, you are looking for nighttime patio privacy, or you want to provide additional privacy surrounding a hot tub, translucent fabrics provide a unique, on-demand solution.

See our Oasis® 2600 Patio Shade Exterior Fabric Collection


Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Solar Screen Fabrics Insolroll® Solar Shades, Oasis® Patio Shades For Interior & Exterior use

Fire-rated (FR) Aurora solar screen fabric consists of vinyl-coated polyester yarns woven in a 2 x 2 basketweave configuration. This value-priced fabric provides excellent view-through visibility. 27% Polyester, 73% PVC solar fabric in 3% and 5% openness choices. Click to view larger swatches.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Solar Screen Fabrics Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Vinyl-coated fiberglass solar screen fabric, Kona is woven in a basket weave configuration for excellent view-through. Available in 5% and 10% openness.

White (Kona)
Bone (Kona)
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Solar Screen Fabric Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Vinyl-coated fiberglass solar screen fabric, Maui is woven in a basket weave configuration for excellent view-through. Available in 3% and 5% openness.

Dark Bronze
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)

Natural Weave Linen

Solar Screen FAbrics Insolroll® Solar Shades, Oasis® Patio Shades For Interior & Exterior use

Our Natural Weave Linen collection features FR solar screen fabrics woven with a slubbed texture and varied colors for a sophisticated, linen-like appearance. Made of polyester and vinyl, the fabric's 3% openness provides excellent outward visibility. Click to view larger swatches.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Solar Screen Fabrics Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Woven from thick, 165 Tex core yarns, Palisade solar fabric has added strength and durability for extra-wide patio shade applications. Weather-resistant, this premium fabric features basket weave pattern for optimal view-through.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Translucent Fabrics Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

High tensile- and tear-strength acrylic translucent fabric for privacy, sun protection and resistance to rain. Click to view larger swatches.

Linen Tweed
Charcoal Tweed
Cadet Grey
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)

Tuff Screen®

Insect Screen Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Heavy-duty vinyl-coated insect screen designed to keep out mosquitoes and other insects. Three times stronger than regular insect screens, it is pet-resistant, tear-resistant and puncture-resistant. 45% openness; click to view larger swatch.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)

Tuff Screen® No-See-Ums

Insect Screen Oasis® Patio Shades For Exterior use

Vinyl-coated polyester insect screen with very small apertures to keep out very small insects such as No-See-Ums, or biting midges. 48% openness; click to view larger swatch.


Heavy duty, exterior grade clutch system for long lasting performance

Oasis 2600 Patio Sun Shades are operated by an exterior-grade clutch system with stainless steel idler, heavy duty locking idler bracket. Flexible mounting options surface, side, or ceiling mounting capabilities. We make our Oasis 2600 Patio Sun Shades up to 10′ wide.

Oasis® 2600 Idler and bracketStainless steel idler locks into a steel bracket for a secure mount

For easy lifting, patio shades are matched with clutch sizes according to clutch lifting capacity.

Insolroll Oasis 2600 R24 clutch diagramInsolroll Oasis 2600 R16 clutch diagram

Easy installation, be sure to account for the bungee cord length, when measuring.

Insolroll Oasis 2600 clutch colors

Insolroll Oasis 2600 diagram

Determine regular or reverse roll:

  • Regular roll: Fabric rolls off the back of the roller tube.
  • Reverse roll: Fabric rolls off the front of the tube.

note: Factory will affix child safety label on the back of the hem bar for both roll styles. 

Insolroll Oasis 2600 operator side illustration
Choose right or left handing, think of factors such as accessibility, and mounting options for the chain guide.

Insolroll Oasis 2600 chain guide install diagram 1Insolroll Oasis 2600 chain guide mount 2

Bungee cord system

Our bungee cord system is simple and effective. Bungee cords are attached to D-rings on the hem bar and wall or deck, and flexibly keep your shade in place, minimizing movement.

Oasis 2600 Patio Sun Shade Product Guide

The bungee system is a perfect solution to mount on any surface, specifically uneven surfaces.


  • 3/16″ x 8″ bungee cord (un-stretched)
  • Hempocket is pre-drilled for D-ring to be attached by nut and bolt.
  • Mount D-ring to vertical or horizontal surface no more than 45 degrees from vertical 





Bungee Cord and D-ring installation tips:


  • To utilize bungee cords, allow 9-10″ from the floor for full-length shades. 
  • Affix to floor or vertical surface; do not exceed bungee angle of 45 degrees.
  • D-rings attach to to hem bar and either deck or wall railing.









Included bungee cords are 8″ long prior to stretching, a bungee must be stretched to provide stabilization.

*Shades should be retracted in moderate to high winds


Oasis stainless steel chain guide

Patio roller shades & child safety

Insolroll is an industry leader in Child Safety. We have developed products that exceed the latest standards established by the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012), and will meet or exceed the new standard scheduled to take effect 12/15/18.

The most attractive chain guide in the industry, Insolroll’s proprietary Metal Select locking chain guide provides both increased child safety and greater durability than industry-standard plastic guides.


Metal Select Chain Guide Colors

Available in 4 colors

Insolroll Oasis chain guide colors

Poly Chain and Stainless Steel Chain

Bead chain available in 4 colors. 

Oasis chain colors


All products with chain loops require:

  • Child-safe locking chain guide installed.
  • Warning labels permanently affixed to the shade hem bar.

Oasis 2600 Comes in Exposed Roller Only

Our brackets are heavy duty ,with a locking idler bracket to keep shade securely in position.

Choose between 2 bracket color options.

Oasis 2600 bracket colorsBrackets can be mounted in :

  • Surface mount
  • Side mount
  • Ceiling mount


Insolroll Oasis 2600 clutch bracket with label




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